Current Impact of Coronavirus on Below Poverty Line People

Current Impact of Coronavirus on Below Poverty Line People
Current Impact of Coronavirus on Below Poverty Line People

Hello readers, we welcome you to our another new article. Today we are going to discuss with you the impact of coronavirus on below poverty lines ( BPL) people.

Due to this dangerous coronavirus which is spreading all over the world and in India also Coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate, as a preventive measure, the Indian Prime Minister announced Lock-down for 21 days to maintain social distancing. Except for emergency services, all other services are called off and Announcing lock-down all over India was only the possible way to stop the spreading of coronavirus because this lock-down human chain is broken and this how it can only be stopped.

But as soon as lockdown announced, several other problems are also arisen in front of the people of India, especially for the people belonging to the Below Poverty Line(BPL). Most of the peoples belonging to the below poverty line are the daily laborers, made, a rickshaw puller, farmers, etc. How coronavirus impacting the peoples belonging to below poverty line is to be discussed below.

During this lock-down period, key sectors include retail trade, accommodation, and food services and manufacturing units are closed by the government to maintain social distancing. As soon as these sectors are closed, the workers of these sectors lost their job and their way of earning livelihood finished because most of the workers are either self-employed like rickshaw pullers, carpenters and plumbers, or casual workers who are not covered under any provision or get any paid leave.

As we all know most of our village peoples from all states of India moves to big cities in the search of livelihood and are engaged in different private sectors. As soon as all the private sectors and most of the government sectors are closed following lock-down, these peoples become workless and they lose their only way of earning daily foods for them.

Recently we all have seen the huge number of people coming out to roads during lock-down in Delhi searching for busses to go their own state or villages. Those were the daily laborers working in different public sectors. Can we imagine why did they want to go to their own villages at the time of Lockdown? It is only due to their poverty. As soon as they lost their work, it is impossible for them to be in Delhi where they have to arrange food for them and also rent their houses to be paid at the time to the owner. Without doing work they can not arrange anything for their family and house rent, electricity bill, water bill, etc.

Thousands came out to the streets in the southern state of Kerala, saying they had not eaten in days. The authorities urged them to disperse for their own safety. Many other cases are also found all over India where our public-facing huge problems following this lockdown due to coronavirus. And from now many more tough days are coming up for all and especially for the people belonging to below poverty line as this  21 days lock-down period extended for another 19 days till 3rd May 2020.

The Indian government have definitely taken up some steps and announced different schemes but there seems to be un-sufficient to match the need of our common peoples belonging to below poverty line. The government need to take more strong steps for the people of BPL. Otherwise, they are the people who going to suffer most during this outbreak of coronavirus.

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