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Emotional Vibe from Kafan-Kafan Chor


Audience was on the verge of tears watching “Kafan-Kafan Chor”


Evening of day 6 of “Kartik Hazarika National Theatre Festival 2019” started with the play inauguration inaugurated by Sri Gyan Pujari, who is a poet, dramatist and translator. The evening started with the amazing drama Kafan-Kafan Chor performed by the group “Three Art’s Group”, New Delhi. The play was directed by the renowned director Maharaj Krishna Raina, popularly known as M.K. Raina, one of India’s best-known theatre actor and director.

“Kafan-Kafan chor” performed by “Three Art’s Group” at District Library, Tezpur on January 8, 2019 is yet an important message to the audience that familiarize with deeply disturbing facts death and war. The play brings to lights the negative forces that put human freedom and happiness at risk. The play symbolized the effects of war on humanity- loss of human lives, human sufferings, pain and miseries, emotional and psychological trauma. “Kafan-Kafan Chor” highlights the fear, anxiety and sleepless nights of the people that come along with war.

While felicitating the actors after the play they expressed their views and opinions regarding the play. The female protagonist of the play, who played the role of an old woman carrying the corpse of her son, could not stop her tears during the felicitating moment. She expressed that she was living her character during the play. She further added that every time their team did this play, they could not help out to stop their tears because the play “Kafan-kafan Chor” is so relatable to the present scenario of the country where humanity is suffering from all the agonies and miseries.

 All the actors were amazing in their characters. The actors not only played their role but also through their consistently brilliant acting touched each and every audience present there. The best part of the play was that the performance of the actors was very stylized and lively and each character had a unique physical presence which makes the audience feel their character.

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