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  • Darrang College

    Established in 1945 by the people of Tezpur, Darrang College was permanently affiliated to Gauhati University in 1953.

  • Darrang College

    With the motto of “Be a Jewel among men”

  • Darrang College

    it has been uninterruptedly working for fruitful dissemination of knowledge to its pupils with the solemn aim of making them worthy citizens of the country.

  • Darrang College

    The claim has been vindicated by a large number of alumni glittering in the national and international arena.

  • Darrang College

    Teaching is based on lectures, seminars, tutorials, remedials and assignments. Teaching takes place in well-equipped classrooms, galleries and laboratories with the required support systems. Seminars, tutorials, remedials and assignments supplement the lectures in a way that enhances the learning experience.

Darrang College

Darrang College, sometimes referred to at times as the Nalanda of the North Bank, is a college in Tezpur, Assam, India. It was started in July 1945 with 8 teachers and 112 students in the roll. Darrang College offers bachelor’s degrees in Arts, Science or Commerce from Gauhati University. Currently the college runs with 24 departments.

Darrang College, one of the oldest colleges of undivided Assam, was established in 1945 at Tezpur in the then district of Darrang by some philanthropists and educationists. The objective behind its establishment was to spread higher education in the area to the north of the river Brahmaputra. The Motto of the College is ‘Be A Jewel Among Men’ that indicates its objective of achieving excellence and all-round development of its students.

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