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Step towards Social Awareness through Mural Paintings by Edupur Society

An Event of Mural Paintings at Tezpur

Mural Paintings have always been important. Mural paintings have always brought art in focus. Murals act as tools of social campaign, political campaign, accident campaign, deforestation campaign, educational campaign and many others which would bring a social awareness message for the public. It always attracts public attention to social issues. It creates a dramatic impact on the people where they live and work. It is the result of the hard work and long dedication of the artist.

Rini Duwarah Mam took a step forward for the contribution of mural painting

Edupur Society, a socio-cultural organization has started using murals to create social awareness among the public in Tezpur Town. Some of the noted mural paintings in Tezpur Town were done by Edupur Society, which have functioned as means of social communication. On January 18, Edupur Society has began one of its another important mural in Kanaklata Civil Hospital. The programme was inaugurated by Dr. Rini Duwarah, superintendent of Kanaklata Civil Hospital, Tezpur, mural art initiated by Mr. Rajesh Sarkar in the presence of Mr. Amit Rajkonwar, director, Edupur Society, Dr. Bijay Pal Das, Dr. Pradip Nath among others. The step is taken by Edupur Society under the initiative of Kanaklata Civil Hospital. The mural painting will be displayed on the wall of the Kanaklata Civil Hospital, Tezpur, Assam with the motive to create a hygiene environment in and around the areas of the Hospital. The painting will focus on maintaining environmental hygiene both at the hospital and the community area. The painting will highlight the importance of basic cleanliness and sanitation in our day to day life. It will depict personal hygiene including cleanliness and habits like avoiding smoking, drinking, drugs etc and social hygiene, keeping our surroundings clean and in a healthy condition.

Rajesh Sarkar the initiator of mural painting

Along with other murals based on a particular theme by Edupur Society in Tezpur Town, Edupur Society this time had focused on the illness caused by dirtiness and good habits in a person’s life as hygiene benefits one’s health and also impacts the lives around too.

Presence of some well knowns of Tezpur along with Edupur Society members led the program a step ahead.

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