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France Flute artist touches Assamese audience in Sons of Earth Mother

A description about the drama Sons of Earth Mother played on 7-Jan-2019 at Kartik Hazarika National Theatre Festival

France Flute artist touches Assamese audience in Sons of Earth Mother
France Flute artist touches Assamese audience in Sons of Earth Mother

On the Day 5, Kartik Hazarika National Theatre Festival started at sharp 4:30 pm. Dr.ParamanandaRajbongshi, president, Assam Sahitya Sabha inaugurated the play “Sons’ of Earth Mother”  held at District Library Tezpur  followed by the Jatiya Sangeet. The medium of the play was in Rabha language by the group “Badungdupka kala kendra” from Goalpara. The play was directed by Lt. Sukracharjya Rabha. It was his last directed play.

The play had a strong message for the audience regarding how human destruction of nature is eroding the mother nature’s capacity to provide food, water and security to people. Its high time to take seriously the matter of the increasing rate of biodiversity loss. The actors through the play brings to light a strong message that human beings directly or indirectly are responsible for the deteriorating condition of the nature around us.

While interacting with the actors after the play, we are of the notion that the actors were happy and satisfied with the hospitality served to them at Kartik Hazarika National Theatre Festival 2019. One of the flute artist hailed from from France who played a very important role in background music in the play ” Sons’ of Earth Mother” through his melodious flute tone showed interest in the Culture of North East India. He was interested to explore the paradise of India well known for its distinct culture and traditional lifestyle. He added that he loved and enjoyed the cuisines of Assam offering various dishes. Other actors further added that they enjoyed the companies of the locals and enjoyed the dishes here and added Tezpur as a beautiful tourist spot. They added that Tezpur not only offers a world of traditional music and dance but also the recent Kartik Hazarika National Theatre Festival had emerged Tezpuras one of the prime city of cultural richness. The actors were happy as they were able to seek the attention of the audience and it looks like they are important. Through their characters they portrayed the truth of life and social situation in front of the audience.

-Content By : Neelakshi Baruah, Edupur

-Photo By : Geet Gunjan Deka, Edupur

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