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Chitralekha Udyan in Tezpur, Assam – A very beautiful place to explore

Chitralekha Udyan in Tezpur, Assam – A very beautiful place to explore

Chitralekha Udyan was known in the past as COLE PARK and was established by the Britishers .. in the 1990s the people of Tezpur under the able guidance of the SONITPUR DC ( Mr.BHANU) renovated it to its present form. This is a very big park in this city. The park has a very big lake also where people can enjoy boating also.


Chitralekha Udyan Tezpur

People and Organisations of Tezpur contributed both monetarily and physically to it… many of the old relics seen are contributed by the noble Tezpurians from their household. Even Army and Airforce contributed to it.. ..the MIG fighter standing proudly is a proof to it. Popularly known as Cole ParkChitralekha Udyan is one of the famous tourist destinations in Tezpur. IT was established in 1906 and later renovated in the year 1996. The scenic park is set in a stunning landscape with many hillocks and lakes adding beauty to the atmosphere. Rowing and paddling facilities along with other water sports are available in the lakes in the park. The important attractions of the park include two huge decorated stone pillars and sculptural ruins of Bamuni hills belonging to the 9th and 10th centuries. The walkway in the path encourages you to have a relaxed walk in the serene atmosphere.  The park is very well maintained. It attracts for families to have some photography. The eatable is not allowed here. The park is situated in an area which experiences sub tropical climate, and therefore, the summer seasons can get really hot and humid. The best time to visit this park, is during winter and spring. The park should be avoided in the rainy seasons due to lack of shelters. Cole Park, Tezpur is a very picturesque park near the centre of Tezpur. It has recently been renamed as Chitralekha Udyan although both names are synonymous. The name is after a famous character in Agnigarh Aniruddha-Usha love story It has had a long tradition of hosting painting/drawing competitions for the nearby schools due the various features it possesses. A replica of the famous Bhomoraguri inscription which recorded the ancient plans to build a bridge across the Brahmaputra where the current Kolia Bhomora Setu exists has been created in this park for public viewing.

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