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Ganasamabak protest against CAA in Tezpur

Ganaxamabak protest against CAA in Tezpur

Ganaxamabak protest against CAA in Tezpur
Ganaxamabak protest against CAA in Tezpur

The All Assam Student Union (AASU) along with 30 allied organizations different ethnic groups, cultural activists, academicians, senior citizens organized a peaceful demonstration against the CAA at the Nehru Maidan Tezpur today.

Around 3,000 people of greater Tezpur with leaflets placards and banners shouted slogans against the CAA. Addressing the gathering, All Assam Student Union (AASU) advisor, Samujjal Bhattacharya said “Since Congress has broken Assam Accord and implemented IMDT Act to migrated illegal immigrants in Assam, so now the BJP Government has passed CAA on Sahid Divas just because you have the majority in parliament, but we Never Never Never accept CAA from the stage of cultural city of Assam Tezpur. Assam will not shoulder the burden of more illegal immigrants coming to the state after March 25, 1971 rather he would be Hindus or Muslims. The BJP government is doing divide and rule policy by announcing various package allotment to the ethnic groups of Assam. But I want to ask them when will they provide with the date and also tell you that our people will take the benefits because it’s their right and also continue protesting CAA until Govt. withdraw this act.”

He further said “The Assam Govt. has announced that they will provide Rs. 50,000 to 2,000 artist of the state but this is a policy of the BJP Govt. to dominate the artist and broke their voice against CAA. In India, people are protesting for only one reason that is on religious basis, but in Assam we are fighting for two reasons, one we not accept this act on the basis of religion and secondly, it violets the Assam Accord and provides citizenship to all illegal migrants from 1971 to 2014. I want to ask BJP Govt. that how CAA is not beneficial to ILP states but benefits to Assam? But North East Student Organization (NESO) proves that North East is politically divided in seven states but mentally and emotionally is One that is NORTH EAST.”, He added.

During the Ganaxamabak All Assam Student Union (AASU) President, Dipanka Kumar Nath said “In Assam, 48% people speak Assamese, if we take illegal immigrants from 1971 to 2014 then we indigenous Assamese people will become a minority in Assam. Before introducing CAB by BJP Govt. he also slammed Chief Minister of Assam that why he was not taken a stand to support the indigenous communities of Assam and opposed CAB when this act will demolish our language and culture. We will not tolerate BJP politics and if needed then will throughout BJP in 2021 next”

Among the leaders were North East Student Organization, Chairman, Samuel Jyrwa, AJYCP, president Rana Pratap Barma, Sadao Asom Karmchori Parasiad President Basab Kalita, DIMA HASAO Student Union, President, Nobin Deori, Hazong Student Union, President Sanjib Hazong and several others spoke on this ganaxamabak.

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