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Mahabhairav Temple, Tezpur Promoting Tezpur Tourism

Mahabhairav Temple

The Mahabhairav Temple is located at Tezpur town, Assam. This temple established by king Bana in the pre-historical times. This Shiva temple was originally built of stone but the present one was renovated and built with concrete. The Temple and pujaris were appointed to look after the temple. The temple is now managed by the Government .Shiva ratri is celebrated in the temple and people from all over the country visit to see Shiva ratri. The Shiv ratri mela is very famous all over Assam.

Mahabhairav Temple


The temple was built during 8th to 10th century.The present structure of the temple was built in present century. Tezpur to Mahabhairav temple is about 2.8 km from Parua, Tezpur and you will reach your destination at 8mins. From Guwahati to Mahabhairav temple is about 3.41 hours min and 187 km from guwahati to Mahabhairav Temple.

Mahabhairav Temple


The Mahabhairav Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva by King Bana and the Shiva Linga made of igneous rock is the largest Shiva Linga in Asia.

Mahabhairav Temple


Every Day People Visit Mahabhairav Temple for Praying to God. Outside of the Mahabhirav Temple many Small Shop of Coconut, Bananas, Apple etc are sales by them. Some Nearby Places are  Tezpur Air Force Station and Civil airport  is about 13 km, Dekargaon, Beseria, Assam is about 7.5 km, Ganesh Ghat Tezpur is About 2.9 km etc ..


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