Latest Job Openings in Tezpur and Sonitpur District

Job CodePost NameMin QualSectorLocationWork ExpSalaryStatus
1325Post for Service PersonH.S.L.C or moreRestaurantTezpurFresher5,000 - 6,000Open
1324Post for Tally Operator H.S or moreHotel cum RestaurantTezpurFresher6,000Open
1320Post for Sales ExecutiveH.S.L.C or moreShowroomTezpurFresher5,000 - 6,000Open
1319Post for Sales Executive H.S or MoreHome AppliancesTezpurFresher6,000 + INCOpen
1317Post for Delivery BoyH.S.L.C or MoreCourier ServiceItanagarFresher8,000 + INCOpen
1316Post for Airlines Executive (Female)H.S or moreAirportTezpur, Dibrugarh, JorhatFresherNegotiableOpen
1311Post for Delivery Boy ( Male)H.S.L.C or MoreCourier ServiceTezpurFresher4,200 - 6,000Open
1299Electronics Faculty ( Male)Electronics DiplomaInstituteTezpurFresher7,000 - 9,000Open
J105201 Post for ElectricianH.S. or MoreRetailTezpurMinimum Six Months8000Open
J105101 Post for marketing boyH.S. or moreRetailTezpurFresher8,000 +Open
J105001 Post for Accountant (Male)H.S. or moreRetailTezpurFresher8,000 +Open
J1049`01 Post for Tally OperatorH.S. or moreRetailTezpurFresher5000Open
J104801 Post for Hardware Engineer (Male)HSRetail OutletTezpurFresher5000Open
J104701 Post for Counter Girl (Female)H.SPrivateTezpurMinimum 6 month7000Open
J104602 Post for Security ( Male/ Female)AnyShopping MallTezpurFresher may Apply8Hired
J104501 Post for Sales man (Male)HSLC or morePrivateTezpurFresher may apply5000Open
J104402 Post for Sales Person (Male)H.S.L.C or MoreShowroomTezpurFresher may apply 5,000 to 6,000Open
J104301 Post for OperatorH.S or MorePrivateTezpurFresher may apply5,000 per monthHired
J104202 Post for Sales Boy (Male)H.S.L.C , H.SShopping MallTezpurMinimum 3 years7500Open
J104102 Post for Unit ManagerGraduate in basic knowledge in ComputerInsuranceTezpur Fresher may apply14,000 to 18,000 per monthOpen
J103901 Post for Sales ManagerGraduatePrivateTezpurMarch 1, 201810000Open
J103601 Post for Tally OperatorH.S or MoreRetailerTezpur0-26,000 to 7,000Open
J103501 Post for Marketing BoyH.S or MoreRetailerTezpur0-24,500 to 5,000Open
J103401 Post for Marketing ManagerH.S or MoreRetailTezpur0-26,000 to 15,000Open
J103301 Post for SupervisorH.S or MoreRetailTezpur0-25000+Open
J1032Computer OperatorH.S. or MorePrivateTezpurFebruary 1, 20187000Open
J103101 Post for Food ConerH.S.EntertainmentTezpur0-16000Open
J103001 Post for Sales ExecutiveH.S. or MorePrivateTezpur0-14,000+Open
J102901 Post for Sales ExecutiveGraduateRestaurantTezpur0-1Depends on Candidate PerfromanceOpen
J102802 Post for Service BoyH.S. or MoreRestaurantTezpur0-14000Open
J102701 Post for AdministratorGraduateTraining InstituteTezpur0-18,000 to 13,000 per monthHired
J102603 Post for Tally Operator (Male/Female)H.S. or MoreDistributorTezpur0-14,000 to 12,000 Per monthOpen
J102502 Post for Parking ExecutiveAnyEntertaiment IndustryTezpur0-16,000 to 7,000 per montOpen
J102401 Post for Office PeonAnyPrivate SectorTezpur0-15,000 to 6,000Open
J102301 Post for Tally OperatorH.S. or MorePrivateTezpur0-16000Hired
J102201 Post for Delivery boyAnyPrivateTezpur0-15,000 per monthOpen
J102101 Post for Accountant (Male)B.ComPrivateTezpurFresher and Experienced may apply5,000 per monthOpen
J102001 Post for Receptionist (Female)H.S. or MoreClinicTezpurFresher and Experienced may apply5,000 Per monthOpen
J101904 Post for VolunteerAnyN.G.OTezpurFresher and Experienced may applyPer Day 1000 (Boy) and 2500 per month (Girl)Open
J101506 Post for Courier Boy)H.S. or MoreCourier Tezpur0-17,500 per month + TAOpen
J101401 Post for Marketing Executive (Male) H.S. or moreHospitalTezpur0-17,000 per month + T.A + D.AOpen
J101301 Post for Office Peon (Male)Any QualificationComputer ShowroomTezpurFresher and Experienced may apply4000Open
J101210 Post for Office PahariRetired Person ( Army, Navy, Police, Assam Rifle etcDefence Group of InsuranceTezpurExperienced may apply15,000 per monthOpen
J101101 Post for Office AssistantH.S. or morePrivateTezpur0-15000Open
J101001 Post for House KeepingAny QualificationIndividualTezpurFebruary 1, 20188000Hired
J100901 Post for PeonAny QualificationInstituteTezpur0-15,000 to 10,000Open
J100801 Post for Receptionist (Female)H.S. or MoreInstituteTezpur0-15,000 to 10,000Open
J100701 Post for Trainer (Male or Female)Electronic DiplomaInstituteTezpur0-16,000 to 10,000Open
J100602 Post For Office Assistant (Male)H.S. or MoreTradingTezpur0-16,000 to 7,000Open
J100501 Post for TechnicianH.S. or MoreAutomobileTezpur0-14000Open
J100401 Post for Office AssistantH.S. or GraduateTradingTezpur0-17000Open
J100301 Post for Security GuardH.S.L.C. or moreAutomobileTezpurFebruary 1, 20185000Open
J100201 Post for D.T.P OperatorH.S or MorePrivateTezpur0-24500Open
J99901 Post for ReceptionistH.S. or MoreAutomobileTezpur0-15000Open
J99808 Post for Sales ManagerGraduateDefence Group insuranceTezpurFresher may apply with Defence family backgroundCTC 2.25 lac to 4.25 lacOpen
J993Receptionist, Counselor, Telecaller, Back Office, OperationsH.S. or GraduatePrivate Limited CompanyTezpur0-1 3,000 to 5,000 per monthOpen
J989Sales ExecutivesH.S. or moreAutomobileTezpur, Biswanath charali, Gohpur, Mangaldai, UdalguriFebruary 1, 20184,500 per month + TA+ Incentives(F) / 7,000 per month+ TA + Incentives (E)Open
J987Team LeaderGraduateAutomobileTezpur, Biswanath charali, Gohpur, Mangaldai, UdalguriFebruary 1, 2018 10,000 per month + TA+ IncentivesOpen
J986Sales ManagerH.S. or moreAutomobileTezpur, Biswanath charali, Gohpur, Mangaldai, UdalguriFebruary 1, 201815,000 per month + TA + IncentivesOpen
J985CleaningNot requiredCinema HallTezpurFebruary 1, 20186000Open
J984Booking cum guest relation (Female)GraduateCinema HallTezpurFebruary 1, 201810000Open
J983Assistant Manager ( Male )GraduateCinema HallTezpurFebruary 1, 201815000Open
J982SecurityH.S.L.C or moreCinema HallTezpurFebruary 1, 201810,000 to 12,000Open
J981ElectricianH.S. or I.T.ICinema HallTezpur0-27500Open
J980Technical Operator (Male)H.S. or MoreCinema HallTezpur0-28,000 to 10,000Open
J979 Ushering (Male/Female both)H.S. or MoreCinema HallTezpur0-27,000 to 8,000Open
J978Box Office (Male/Female both)H.S. or MoreCinema HallTezpur0-28,000 to 10,000Open
J977Sales Expert (Male and Female both)H.S. or MoreShopTezpurMarch 1, 20185,000 to 7,000Open
J975Sales Executives (Male and Female both)GraduateBankTezpurFebruary 1, 201810,000 to 12,000Open
J974 Receptionist (Male or Female)H.S. or moreGymTezpur0-18,000 to 10,000Open
J973TeacherH.S. or moreInstituteJamugurihat0-18,000 to 10,000Open
J972Spoken English TrainerB.A. with English MajorInstituteJamugurihat0-110000Open
J971TrainerDiploma/ DegreeInstituteTezpurMarch 1, 201815000Open
J969Sales ExecutiveH.S. or MoreShopping MallTezpurApril 1, 20188000Open
J968CleanerH.S. or MoreShopping MallTezpurApril 1, 20188000Open
J967CashierH.S.Shopping MallTezpurApril 1, 20188000Open
J966SecurityH.S. or MoreShopping MallTezpurJune 1, 201810000Open
J965ReceptionistH.S. or More`Computer Service CenterTezpur0-14500Open
J964IT Technician (Male)H.S. or More`Computer Service CenterTezpur0-14000Open
J963Staff boyH.S.L.CHotelTezpur0-15000Open
J961PoenH.S.L.CAutomobile ShowroomTezpur0-15000Open
J960Sales boyH.S.L.C or H.S.ShowroomTezpur0-15000Open
J959Sales boyH.S.L.C or H.S.Electrical ShowroomTezpur0-15000Open
J958Field Sales ExecutiveH.S.L.C or H.S.Home AppliancesTezpur0-16,000 pm + IncentivesOpen
J957HR ExecutiveBBA or MBA in HRAutomobile CompanyTezpurFebruary 1, 201815,000 pm (negotiable)Open
J953DriverH.S.L.C or H.S.Digenic CenterTezpur0-25,000 - 7,000 pmOpen
J951Counsellor Branding cum MarketingGraduate or MBAEducational InstituteTezpurFebruary 1, 201813,000 - 15,000 pmOpen
J949Sales boyH.S.L.C or H.S.Electrical ShowroomTezpur0-15000Open
J946Civil TrainerDiploma in civilPrivateBiswanath charali and Jorhat0-18,000 + and T.A up to 5,000Open
J891300+ Teacher JobsGraduate or MoreSchoolPan India0-18,000 to 15,000+Open
J890150+ Post for M.N.CGraduate or MoreBPO/ ITESJaipur and Indore0-12.04 CTC to 3 CTCOpen
J88801 post for Senior , C.APrivateJob in TezpurOctober 9, 201850000Open
J88701 post for PoenH.S PassedGovernmentJob in Tezpur0-15000Open
J88601 Post for ReciptionistH.SPrivateJob in Tezpur0-14000Open
J88501 Post for Head of sales and MarketingM.B.AHospitalJob in Jorhat, Guwahati(Assam Head)October 8, 201850000Open
J88401 Post for PoenAnyC.A FirmJob in Tezpur0-15000Open
J88301 Post for AccountantC.A FirmC.A FirmJob in TezpurFebruary 1, 201810000Open
J88201 Post for Advice Patient(Sales), Glass useH.s or MoreHosipitalJob in Tezpur0-15,500 + incentivesOpen
J88101 Post for Sanitation PersonUnder matricHospitalJob in Tezpur0-14000Open
J88001 Post for House Keeper / Cleaner for femaleUnder matricHospitalJob in Tezpur0-13000Open
J87901 Post for Patient Assistant for femaleH.S.L.C or more or NursingHospitalJob in Tezpur0-13500Open
J87804 Post for Field ExecutivesH.S.L.C or H.SPrivateJobs in TezpurFreshers6,000+ or incentiveOpen
J87701 Post for ElectricianH.S.LC or Diploma or CertificatePrivateJobs in TezpurMarch 1, 20186000+Open
J87601 Post for Service ManagerGraduate or B.comPrivateJobs In Tezpur2-3 Years15,000+Open
J87501 Post for Team LeaderH.s or MoreMNC CompanyJobs in TezpurFebruary 1, 201812,000+Open
J87401 Post For Security GuardAnyPrivateJobs in TezpurFebruary 1, 20184,000+Open
J87302 Post for House KeepingAnyPrivateJobs in TezpurFebruary 1, 20183,000+Open
J87204 Post for Service BoyH.S.L.CPrivateJobs in Tezpur and GuwahatiFebruary 1, 20184,000+Open
J87101 Post for F&B ManagerGraduation/DiplomaPrivateJobs in TezpurFebruary 1, 20187000Open
J87001 Post For Sales ExecutiveGraduatePrivateJobs in Tezpur0-14000Open
J86901 Post for DriverH.s PassedPPT. LTDJobs in TezpurDriving Experience5000Open
J86802 Post for Helper Cook and WaiterAny QualificationHotel SectorJob in Tezpur0-15,000+ Fooding+ AccomadationOpen
J86701 Post for Computer OperatorH.s or MorePrivateJob in TezpurFresher4000Open
J86601 post for office executiveH.S passedPrivateJob in Tezpur0-15000Open
J85301 Post For Operation Theatre Nurse10th PassedHospitalJob in Tezpur0-15,000 + IncentiveOpen
J85212 New Sitting Jobs at Tezpur, NagaonH.S or moreHospitalJob in Tezpur, Nagaon0-14,500 to 5,000Open
J84704 Posts For Sales ExecutiveH.S. PassedPrivate SectorJob in Tezpur0-14,000+T.A.+D.A+IncentiveOpen
J83915 posts for Marketing ExecutiveH.S. or moreAutomobileJob in Tezpur0-15000Open
J83802 posts for Banking OfficerGraduateBankJob in Tezpur1-3 YearsNegotiableOpen
J83710 posts for Office BoyH.S. or moreShare TradingJob in Tezpur0-15000Open

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